Our R&D facility in Nairobi has the tools, skills, and cultural and contextual know-how to realize your product concepts. Need new ideas? We have those too.


Our Kenya and Italy-trained designers are at your service, rethinking heritage craft techniques and materials for your projects.

Production & Sourcing

From sampling to a full run, we manage production for materials and finished products for you - even in the most remote rural areas - ensuring adherence to global standards.

Corporate Gifting

We take the hassle out of sourcing ethically-made products for your gifting initiatives, and customize them to fit your brand and target audiences.

Consulting Services

We provide high-quality data and insights to get your project started, differentiated, and serviced all the way through completion.


We capture the human stories, provenance, and technical details of materials and artisanal techniques, to take your audiences behind the scenes.


Rest easy. As your one-stop solution, we manage everything – from R&D, design, sourcing, production, data, to content services for global brands. Collaborating with our partner makers and materials producers, your project needs are fully handled. Our forefront expertise in elevated craftsmanship fuels boundless creative and economic possibilities.

Are you a global fashion brand, interior design / architecture firm, or a company looking for innovative gifting solutions? We would love to hear from you.

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Our Work

We're not just a one-stop shop – we're your creative, R&D, production, sourcing, and content partner.
Our clients attest that we integrate into their teams, becoming a valued extension of their companies.


Weaving Tradition Into Modernity.

Tasked by a sustainability-focused heritage luxury house to fuse time-honored weaving techniques with out-of-the-box, contemporary designs, we heeded the challenge, presenting a harmonious convergence of heritage and innovation.

Applying The “Trash-To-Treasure” Philosophy To High-End Design

Called upon by a renowned fashion industry brand, we accepted an R&D challenge involving in-depth exploration of recycled materials from Kenyan urban hubs, and the conception, design, and prototyping of captivating accessories, showcased at a prestigious exhibition in Milan, Italy.

Taking the Hassle out of Finding Gifts Aligned with Brand and Audience

We have mastered the art of conscious gifting – whether it's custom curations for board luminaries or crafting memorable impressions for hundreds of conference attendees, we ensure impactful gifting that resonates.

Elevating A Heritage Textile For High-End Accessories

An EU luxury house called on us for a special accessories project celebrating heritage textiles. Embracing the brand's exacting benchmarks, our mandate encompassed textile trials, meticulously managing production and stringent quality control measures for an elevated iteration of a treasured legacy fabric.

Forging A Modern Visual Identity From Centuries-Old Heritage

Summoned by a global team of heritage branding and design experts, we were asked to deliver creative inspiration and bespoke heritage research for the development of the brand identity of an innovative fashion brand that is reshaping the landscape of African design and craftsmanship.

Our Story

Creating the future doesn’t mean putting away the past. It means protecting it and envisioning paths to steward traditions forward. Learn about how, from our beginnings as a project to document cultural heritage, we have become catalysts of creative innovation and enablers of creative enterprise.

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From cataloging unique crafting methods and materials to creating economic opportunity, we are fervent believers in doing good as we do well, knowing that the two need not be mutually exclusive. We also know craft to be the OG of sustainable production.