In an era where both consumers and global brands hunger for purposeful products and collaborations, Crafting Kenya is your bridge to these aspirations. Responsible consumption necessitates a deep comprehension of a product's intricate ties to the human, environmental, and agricultural tapestry that nourishes us.

We believe that craft is the torchbearer for sustainable consumption. It is the antithesis of overproduction. Embracing local resources, it nurtures regional economies and sustains the artisans and associated industries that form its backbone.


SDGs 8,9, and 12 form the core of our impact framework. Observing these principles creates a ripple effect that advances other development goals, including those addressing basic needs of food, water, shelter, health, and education.


The Right to Culture is described as, “the right of access to, participation in and enjoyment of culture. This includes the right of individuals and communities to know, understand, visit, make use of, maintain, exchange and develop cultural heritage and cultural expressions.”

Since inception, Crafting Kenya has undertaken research and documentation of Kenya’s craft and materials heritage for preservation and innovation. We have organized cultural events, such as photography exhibitions, to showcase and educate on local artistry.