How much does shipping cost?

Shipping fees are based on the order destination and package / product size. Fees are calculated during the checkout process.

Can items be shipped to locations outside of the USA?

Presently, shipping information and shipping destinations apply to customers and locations within the USA.

We are working on shipping arrangements for the rest of the world.

In the meantime, should you want us to ship our products for you outside of the US, we can organize this on an individual case basis. You will cover the shipping costs, and duties and taxes associated with shipping to your destination.

For further information please contact us.

Where will my product ship from?

All items are shipped from our distribution center located in California.

Can I choose the shipping company?

Shipping options other than those offered during the checkout process are not currently available.


Can I return my item?

We want you to be happy with your purchase. Quality issues are extremely rare and will be handled with your best interests in mind, including a quick replacement of your item. We may request a photo of the defect/damage in order to understand the origin of the issue and how we can improve our quality.

Issues that are not quality-related will be handled on an individual case basis. Please contact us with your issue.

Collaborations/ Works with us

How can I work with Crafting Kenya?

Crafting Kenya is a catalyst for creative projects anchored in Kenya’s heritage craft techniques and materials. We always welcome new ideas and new ways to collaborate with fearless creators. We work closely with designers, fashion/design brands, business corporations, cultural organizations, and educators. Do you have an idea you’re passionate about or a project in need of collaborative minds? We would love to hear from you. Please contact us.

How can Crafting Kenya help my business/organization?

As your one-stop shop for research, design, new product development, production and sourcing with long-standing artisan relationships, we take the hassle out of accessing local production capacity, and sourcing locally-made products and materials.

We operate across the full spectrum of the creative and cultural sector wherever it intersects with craft, which means that we feel at home on projects in fashion or design, corporate gifting, as well as projects in the arts or culture. So, whether your primary business is retail, interiors/decor, creative education, research, or non-profit, we have probably already helped people just like you.

In addition to our full range of services, another key advantage of working with us is our “glocal” approach, characterized by a firm understanding of the local context and dynamics, and global design trends and quality standards.

Please see our services.


Who are the artisans featured on the website?

Crafting Kenya’s start was inspired by the raw talent of Kenya’s artisans and the stunningly beautiful objects they produce by hand, often reaching back generations of tradition. They are no mere producers. The artisans you see on our website are part of the cultural heritage of Kenya and East Africa. And they are just a few of the torchbearers of the second largest economic sector in Kenya.

Can I receive contact information for an artisan?

Crafting Kenya has gone to great lengths to establish and build trust relationships with the artisans. Among other things, this includes ongoing training, and ensuring they are treated and paid fairly. As such, Crafting Kenya does not act as a middleman. Rather than connect you to artisans, we oversee the entire project for you, providing design, sampling /prototyping, and production management support.

If you have a need for these authentic talents, our team of designers, materials specialists, and project managers would be happy to work with you to realize a project and bring their talent into the light and across the world.


What range of materials does Crafting Kenya work with?

How much time do you have?

The range of materials and types of work produced are extensive. If you have an interest in a particular material or product, please contact us. A short list of the materials we work with includes:

  • Traditional weaving materials (such as sisal, palm, raffia, etc.)
  • Contemporary weaving materials (such as recycled materials)
  • Traditional textiles
  • Contemporary textiles
  • Traditional beading materials (such as glass and clay)
  • Contemporary beading materials (such as recycled glass)
  • Leather
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Soapstone
  • Clay
  • Blown glass
  • Hand-made paper
  • Recycled materials


What does sustainable production mean to Crafting Kenya?

We believe that craft is the OG sustainable production. It is the antithesis of mass production and overproduction. It uses local materials and local labor. The artisans, who were likely born and raised in the area they work are so often the very caretakers of the land that often produces the materials they use. This fuels ingenuity and desire to make their living in a way that protects the environment and their surroundings. Furthermore, craft’s efficient use of both natural and recycled materials isn’t a gimmick that was developed to appease consumers. It has been built into the process for generations and has become a type of regional ecosystem, giving it an authenticity that cannot be replicated in factory production.

Join our team

Does Crafting Kenya have any open positions?

We are believers in the motto “teamwork makes the dream work”. Teamwork benefits from a diverse and abundantly talented group of passionate individuals. If our mission and our work speak to you, please contact us. We welcome your CV and portfolio.